Sweet and savoury delights


Sweet and savoury delights for your healthy and tasty awakening

Large buffet breakfast

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As a couple, waking up is a moment of pure happiness. In hotel with breakfast included in Diano Marina. It is an experience to be enjoyed in complete calm, between the pampering of our staff and the ecstasy of the sweet and savoury breakfast proposals.


Fresh, wholesome

fresh and genuine until 11 a.m.


Make your stay even more enjoyable and don’t limit yourself with breakfast at standard times. Do not set the alarm, just relax: at the Hotel Sasso breakfast is served until 11pm!
Thanks to Cristina, who wakes up at dawn to prepare our tasty sweet and savoury buffet, you will find a wide selection of croissants, homemade cakes, yogurt, biscuits, jams,fresh fruit and avast range of cold cuts and local cheeses.

BIO products

vegan and gluten-free


Do you have environmental issues at heart or just want to try an alternative? Our buffet also includes 0 km products that are organic and suitable for anyone following a vegan diet or with gluten intolerances.

If you have a particular diet please let us know: we will do everything possible to provide you with the right breakfast.


From breakfast to snack time

Your alarm did not go off and you slept well after 11pm? Don’t worry because you can refresh yourself in our snack corner! Every day you will find a small selection of sweets, snacks, fruit juices and herbal teas so you are never left with an empty stomach.

Choose the Hotel Sasso now for your B&B stay in Diano Marina and discover the beauty of spending your holidays on the Riviera dei Fiori.
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